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About Jerry Kayne



Personal Wellness Nutrition Coach

Plant Based Menu Planning for restaurants & Caterers

Vegetarian/Vegan Transitioning

Personal/Family Healthy Cooking / Meal Planning

Personal Shopper

Public Speaking

Meet Jerry

I've been a vegan since 2011 after watching my younger brother have a heart attack in the E.R. Thankfully he survived after the Dr. installed a stent.


That scared me enough for me to evaluate my own eating habits and literally became a vegan on the spot.

I realized that for the last several generations we all have been poorly educated and advised about what is healthy and what is not. Much of the blame can be targeted on big food, the Dairy Board, Meat Board, and the Egg Council. And, of course our very own government,

Through my daily research on how to reverse my heart disease, that I'm sure was lurking, I found many resources to reduce my risk.

My first understanding was to cut out meat and dairy. So I did that immediately. Then I scheduled a cardiologist appointment to get a baseline.

On my 6 month followup cardiologist appointment we found my cholesterol plummeted and I lost 20 pounds.

From that life changing experience I decided to help others to get healthy.

I erolled myself in the Cornell Plant Based Certification course taught by world renown Dr. T. Colin Campbell and graduated April 2016.

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